What reclaimAERA stands for



As members of the American Educational Research Association we are committed to:

* free and equal public education for all as a cornerstone of democracy.

* research, scholarship and policy making that grows from and with communities  that are impacted by these.

* knowledge production as varied, multiple and contextual.

* research, scholarship and policy free from the interests of corporations and venture philanthropists.

*  public education-at every level-as a space for social imagination and the practice of freedom.

AERA has failed to take a public stance in support of these commitments and has not provided space for meaningful dialogue about how we can enact these commitments. Instead, AERA supports: 

* narrowing of ‘acceptable’ research to demands of quantification and standardization.

* affiliation with corporate sponsors like Pearson, Inc.

*  denial of the impact of corporate influences when it accepts for publication articles authored by writers from corporate sponsored think tanks.

* complacency in the face of the ongoing assault on education and incursions of corporations into research and practice led by such actors as: the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. the Broad Foundation, and Rupert Murdoch’s Wireless Generation

Case in point: invited “education researcher’ Secretary Duncan whose policies have led to:

* school closings; increased testing; narrowing of curriculum; undermining of collective bargaining; increasing of for profit charter schools; increased corporate influence in education.

* students, teachers, parents, and scholars threatened, silenced, and abandoned.

We invite our colleagues, students, and parents to refuse the corporatization of education, build alliances to resist its policies, take action, and join the conversation as we imagine education as the practice of freedom.

*Take ACTION to reclaimAERA

1) We will be distributing armbands with messages of protest. Please take one and wear it throughout the conference.

2) We will be leafleting. Please take leaflets, share, leave them where others will read them, talk with others about the ideas and information on the leaflets (leaflet ideas can be posted on our facebook group)

3) We will have a strong presence at Arne’s talk (Tuesday April 30th 3:45-4:45, Hilton Union Sq. Continental 4-6). Please get there early. Please bring signs. They may not allow signs, so prepare signs on paper that can fit into your bag and then come out during his talk.

4) We are meeting Sunday at 2 PM to discuss the talk and other actions face-face. Please sign up for that event on facebook, and we will let you know the location.

5) Attend the EDU4 session on Wednesday from 2:15-3:45 at the Union Hall 209 Golden Gate to continue the discussion and planning.

6) Support the boycott of the Hyatt. Do not attend sessions there. Move your session if it is scheduled at the Hyatt. The Union Hall is available. Contact us for more information.

7) Watch our facebook page or our twitter  (@reclaimAERA, #reclaimAERA, #edjustice) for sessions that name the corporate assault on education.

8) This group came together to bring attention to Duncan’s presence and the corporatization of AERA. While we have taken some leadership, there are other individuals and groups concerned about these issues and taking action.

Please email us at reclaimAERA@gmail.com with ideas to share. We will connect with each other through that email address. Please instigate your own actions.

* JOIN the CONVERSATIONS (a more updated list here)

Alternatives to Arne: CESJ business meeting
Saturday 7:15 p.m.
Hilton Union Square-Plaza A

Networks governance? New policy networks and the global privatization of education.
Sunday 12:25 p.m.
Westin St. Francis

Bringing the city back in to Urban Education Studies
Mon. 8:30 a.m.
Union Hall 209 Golden Gate

Left Behind in the Race to the Top: Realities of Education Reform
Tuesday 8 a.m.
Hilton Union Sq., Golden Gate 8

Unpacking the attack on teacher education:
corporatization, unaccountability and the neoliberal regime
Tuesday 5:05 p.m.
Westin St. Francis

Social imagination and political activism
Wednesday 2:15-3:45 p.m.
Union Hall 209 Golden Gate

For updates on organizing, actions and events, go to: 

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/reclaimAERA/
Web: https://reclaimaera.wordpress.com
twitter: @reclaimAERA
hashtags: #reclaimaera #edjustice
email: reclaimaera@gmail.com

List of key events/sessions (if you want to add a session post it on our facebook page or email reclaimAERA@gmail.com)



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